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Chess The classic strategy game. Here you can play free online strategy games. Play Chess for free online without having to download any application or register. You can play right away against other people! You will become anonymous (guest player) if you play here directly by clicking "Play Now" on the Chessboard. Here you can train your chess game without having to sign in with your name but still get the opportunity to face other real human players, instead of just playing chess against the computer. The system automatically pairs you with another player and then it's just to get started. You don't need to download any program to your hard drive, all the data for the game is available online. White always begins and moves first to start the chess game. Here you can learn to play chess online for free. Chess is the oldest and most famous strategy game, and is considered by many to be the best strategy game ever constructed.

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Learn these impressive openings and test them live on the chessboard above. There you have the opportunity to practice the openings against real human players instead of an annoying chess program that is prepared for these fantastic but well-known openings. It's more fun to test them on random human opponents who can make mistakes when you play these moves.

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The Strategy Game Chess - History and Origins

Chess Games. The history of chess goes further back in time than many people think. The earliest versions of the Chess game appear in India sometime during the A.D. 500s. Back then, it was called Chaturanga, a word from the Sanskrit language that literally means divided into four. It refers to the division of the Indian military units that were part of a platoon: Five foot soldiers, Three Horses, A Wagon and An Elephant. From India, the game then spread to Persia, and it reached all the way to Japan where it evolved into the game Shogi which is a different variant of board chess. In the Japanese version, however, it is always Black that begins while we are used to White starting. The modern version of Chess has evolved gradually since it came to Europe, but we still have the term Chess which originates from the Persian word Shah meaning King. Chess is also commonly mentioned as the King of strategy games. Modern versions of chess games have in the starting position 8 Farmers (pawns), 2 Knights (horses), 2 Runners (bishops), 2 Towers (rooks), 1 Queen and 1 King. There is almost an infinite number of possible moves or sequences that can occur depending on how, and in which order, the chess pieces are moved. The chess term checkmate or shâh mât also comes from the Persian language and roughly means "The King is helpless". That's the goal in Chess games to either beat the King or push it into a position where it can no longer move anywhere.

Chess games free online. At Schack-spel.net, you can play free chess games online

This Chess page has a single goal, and that's to make it possible to play Chess quickly and easily without having to spend a lot of time filling in 3 pages of registration details, ranging from your age and personal information to responding to information to be used to map and categorize you. Just click on the board and suddenly the game has found and paired you with a human opponent automatically. Completely anonymous. No signup, no confirmation of email address, no program to download which will hang itself and which wants to install 17 different plugins in your browser, or any crappy antivirus software that slows down your computer to the Stone Age level. You don't have to answer 500 questions about installing a neverending number of crapwares that you will never use, you avoid making up and selecting passwords which you will have forgotten tomorrow anyway, you don't have to be force-registered to 24 different spammy newsletters that deal with things you don't want to read. Here you avoid all the bosh and hassles and can play Chess directly in your browser! – literally with a single click

Chess Strategy - A Chess Party can be divided into three parts

Opening: Here, you will try to position your pieces to enable striking positions for the upcoming battle. Make sure to guard your pieces in such a way that the opponent can't remove the chess pieces from you without you striking the opponent back, at least equally.

The middle game: This is when the big field battle in the chess game unfolds, the pieces are positioned, and the players attack each other's units intensely. Depending on how the battle develops, you may need to adapt/change strategy in this part of the game.

The endgame: Now the battalion is over, and many pieces have been eliminated from the Chessboard. There are vast open spaces, and to reach a tactical advantage, you often have to let the King be active and act as a backup to the front line.

Chess tips - 11 quick, succinct strategy tips

  • 1. Don't stress
  • 2. Why did the opponent make that move? - think several steps forward.
  • 3. Do you know the value of each chess piece? [Learn more about the value of chess pieces here]
  • 4. Now that you know the value of the pieces. Try to "change" valuable pieces by sacrificing lower-valued units with which you attack.
  • 5. Anyone who dominates in the air wins the war - in Chess, it is the center of the board you should own if you want to win.
  • 6. Be on your guard against the opponent's horses. It's easy to miss which pieces these can beat, because of their radically different movement patterns.
  • 7. Leave the Queen still at the beginning. It does most good in the last half of the game with open spaces. Beginners often go out with The Queen early, either to do fast-paced checkmate or Scholar's mate, or because you want to try to attack the opponent already in the opening of the chess game. The opponent can then build up his positions and advance while attacking your Queen with low-valued units.
  • Artificial intelligence has, however, given new insights to this recommendation. Like beginners, AI likes to move the Queen a lot initially, which has turned out to be a better strategy than previously assumed. After all, it remains a difficult and risky strategy, especially for a beginner without "Google AI level" of computational power.
  • 8. Try to move different pieces during the opening - do not move around the same unit several times (Unless you're an AI..).
  • 9. Keep the line! -Do not sacrifice pawns who are part of an unbroken line. A guarded line of farmers has a significantly stronger strategic value than each pawns' value individually.
  • 10. If something seems too good to be true, that's probably exactly what it is. If you suddenly get an opportunity to take one or more valuable units, it's probably a trap, and you'll soon notice that you ended up in Checkmate because you focused all your thinking on slaughtering the opponent's almost defenseless Rook or Queen.
  • 11. Analyze the opponent's style of play. Does it appear like you are meeting an experienced and talented player or a beginner? It has importance for how to interpret your opponent's moves.

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