Strategic Value of chess pieces

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What is each piece in Chess worth?

When you specify the farmers' moves, you usually omit the P and only write, e.g. c2-c4, or with a short notation only the final destination c4. The corresponding movement for the Queen (dame) is Qc2-c4, or with the abbreviated notation simply Qc4. In English, the Queen is marked with Q, the tower with R, the runner with B, the horse with N (you can also see Kt) and the farmer with P.
Chess pieces
 value of a farmer or pawn? Pawn [P] (farmer) = 1 point
Value of a Knight in chess? Knight [N, Kt] (horse) = 3 points
Runner/Bishop value in chess? Bishop [B] (runner) = 3 points
How much is a Rook or Castle valued at in chess? Rook [R] (tower/castle) = 5 points
Which value does a Queen have in chess? Queen [Q] = 9 points
How do you value the King in chess? King [K] = Invaluable (if you lose the king, the game is over)

The actual value

of a Chess Piece varies during the game

The valuation of chess pieces in the list above is a static score. But in reality, the value of the pieces shifts as the game progresses. For example, The Queen is not a very valuable player in the beginning, but perhaps worth 12, if you keep it in the final stages when she can move freely and slaughter the opponent's players in all directions. The King's actual strategic value is quite low at first, but high in the end when an active king can support remaining Pawns in an attack with limited resources, or if you are forced into a defensive game, the King becomes a strong backup to guard the remaining pieces with. This is done by situating him behind a line of 3 farmers (pawns) or similar support positions. Runners and Castles become more valuable at the end because they can move freely and far while The Knight loses more and more value during the endgame.

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